As the idea of spirituality and wellbeing of the soul gains momentum across the world, our school is welcoming more and more youths from different backgrounds and cultures who wish to learn how to live a holistic life.

The HUESA youth group was formed in response to increasing requests from younger generation students to have a platform to discuss their worries and lessons they have learnt regarding everyday life.

The HUESA Youth enjoy being together, make new friends and find new adventures and perspectives of life. They learn from each other’s experiences by sharing their true stories, their first steps in life and love, in relationships, their doubts and concerns, their joy, happiness and laughter. The Youth is looking for new solutions, new directions to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

As we develop, more and more HUESA practitioners of all ages have joined HUESA YOUTH. In HUESA we call ‘YOUTH’ everyone who is young at heart and ready to adapt to ever changing motion of life.

We believe, YOUTH is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.

Where it began

With the creation of HUESA YOUTH, the idea of Summer camp was born. The first Summer camp was organized in 2013 at the Wellness Resort - Shambala Thailand. The creation of Summer camps where young HUESA students from any level could retreat in nature, disconnect from the bustling outside world and gather in a safe environment to partake in various fun activities relating to the principles of HUESA.

We have held multiple Summer camps in Thailand, with our first European Summer Camp being held in Bosnia in 2017. These camps consisted of gardening, art-making, sharing sessions, wellness seminars and sports and team building games. What started as a camp solely for the younger generation from different cultures to connect with each other has expanded to include HUESA students of all ages as the realisation that youth has no age and there is an inner child in all of us.

Connecting youth from all around the world

In the last 5 years HUESA has been focusing towards the wellbeing of the younger generations. The idea about the establishment of the HUESA Youth has spread all over the world to bring youngsters together and offer them a new path and new solutions how to live and build a better life. Now the Youth is taking their present and their future into their own hands. They organize global meetings via video connections and discuss the topics that are of interest to them.

Also with the dedicated help and support of our HUESA Leader and Spiritual Master – Cô Theresa, HUESA is organizing Youth Camps every year for young people to meet in person and put a name to the face and know each other better.

The HUESA youth group continues to connect to young people who seek support and a safe environment to express themselves and to connect with other like-minded individuals. In the future, we plan to hold more camps specifically for the young and establish community involvement within their respective countries. Some examples of community activities we have planned include workshops at the HUESA organic farm in Hanoi, rubbish cleaning days in Ho Chi Minh City and collaborating with various charities centred on the education of children.

Youth is not a time of life. It is a state of mind.


HUESA Youth's Students

I have been in the HUESA school for 8 years. In the beginning I did not pay much attention on how to take care of my energy and I did not meditate on daily basis. But as I mature I realized that I need to take a good care of my energetic body.


From Vietnam

I started HUESA in 2010 and this is a great family. A lot of people with the same energy and frequency with love. I'm very happy to be here to share everything that I feel with others.


From Belarus

HUESA is the method that makes you alive. The first thing I do in the morning is HUESA breathing exercises and some HUESA Yoga. Interestingly, when I do not follow this routine the day does not feel the same.


From Bulgaria

For me HUESA is not just a family, it also is a true healer. When I was suffering and no one was there, HUESA was there. With HUESA method I was able to heal myself.


From Vietnam

I love everything about HUESA. I have composed few songs to show my gratitude for Cô and HUESA


From Vietnam