LEVEL 11.1 EXPRESS PROGRAM - Huesa - Quram 720


19 มี.ค. 2023


All Day


Dear HUESA Family,

Cô Theresa is on a pilgrimage to locations in Vietnam. Through this journey, she realized that she needed to expand the Level 11.1 for students who did not have the opportunity to attend the first Level 11.1. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for all students who have attended Level 11.1 to attend an additional lesson as she promised before the end of Level 11.1 in Thailand.

The Level 11.1 Express program will be held in conjunction with several other programs. In which, there will be a number of programs held directly in PHU YEN – VIETNAM; At the same time, We also open Video conferencing via ZOOM for HUESA International students as well as Vietnamese students who do not have the opportunity to attend directly in Phu Yen with Cô.

Program details are as follows:

A. Content and time of the program:

The entire program in Phu Yen will take place in 3 days from 19-20-21 March 2023. In it,
– 19/03/2023: Level 11.1 Express (Held directly in Phu Yen and Video Conferencing via Zoom)
– 20/03/2023: She have a meeting with BRAC Leaders – HUESA Vietnam and students in Level 11.1. (The program is only held in Phu Yen, NO VIDEO CONFERENCING)
– 21/03/2023: Celebrate the Spring Equinox via Zoom. Register directly on the WellnessEra website. (Specific times are announced later)

1. Duration: 2 Sessions on 19/03 /2023
– Session 1: from 9:00 am to 12:00 am
– Session 2: from 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm
(Vietnam time)

2. Venue: SAO MAI – PHU YEN – VIETNAM Hall
3. Eligibility:
– All students attended Level 11.1.
– All students in Level 6 and above, students who have attended 8M webinar or have attended 6 weeks webinar recently; who have not attended level 11.1 can register to be upgraded to level 11.1.
4. Tuition: Students in Level 11.1 are exempt from Level 11.1 Express tuition. Other students will pay tuition fees as follows:
I. For students who have not attended Level 11.1 to attend online: Register and pay on the WellneSSera website (Only support payment PayPal or by international payment card, DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY ESA points).

The event is finished.

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