Important Announcement

Dear Beloved ones,

We are living in this global pause and global reset,the biggest event ever in our recent civilization. Through this portal we have the chance to activate the divine matrix of synergetic cooperation.

The Earth is also going through her rejuvenation and recalibration herself.

During this time of the year, we were supposed to be physically together, but life is offering us new patterns of being together through digital and virtual communication.

Even-though we are physically distant, but more than ever we have been united in our hearts and our consciousness.
The lesson of social distancing may be individual, but the consciousness shift is collective. A new portal of high vibration has opened, the old systems of society are broken down for humanity is breaking through. We are striving to be the best version of ourselves, we will have the clarity and the vision of creating the New Earth.

In response to this global reset situation, HUESA International needs to postpone and reschedule the following HUESA events, which have been already announced:

- 09-12 April, 2020: Easter Retreat, Mount Warning, New South Wales, Australia
- 04-11 July 2020: Summer Camp, Phetchaburi, Thailand
- July – August 2020: Bosnia Summer Camp and Annual Conference
- 20 July, 2020: 31st Anniversary of Universal Energy School, Melbourne, Australia
- 8 August 2020: Unknown Soldiers’ memorial service, HUESA headquarter, Melbourne, Australia.
- 12 August 2020: Master Luong Minh Dang’s 13th Anniversary of His Pass away, Melbourne, Australia.

For the last decades, we have been preparing for this time of transformation - united in our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our perception, our intention, our actions, our vision – we have been searching for new solutions to solve the current planetary problems. It is the time to use the portal of social distancing as an opportunity to turn inwards, to know ourselves better, to reset our priorities in life and to tune into our Highest Selves.We are adaptable, flexible and stay open receiving the infinite creative potentialities of the Divine Universal Energy in creating the updated ways of living. As our hearts are in coherence with our brains we increase our vibrational frequencies of love, gratitude, generosity and benevolence – we connect to other like-minded people globally to share the intention in building our New Earth.We are sturdy and grounded on earth anchoring the energy of compassion so we can share with many people who are going through fear, grief of losing their loved ones unexpectedly, their anxiety looking to the unknown future...we have been trained,have been reminded all the time to remember who we are why we are here on Earth in this very special time.

The infinite Universal Energy of Love and Wisdom is our common denominator.

In this new paradigm of global pause we establish new connections within our global network through the live-stream sessions raising the Collective Consciousness.In our togetherness tuning into the Quantum Unified Field we create a collective energy field, a divine net, which vibrates with the same frequency of love, compassion, harmony and benevolence. We create our digital network to put in practice what we have learnt,wether through skype, zoom and other social media digital binders. In this time of physical social distancing we are still together in our hearts and our minds; in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. We have our webinars, our live-stream activation sessions and meetings. The HUESA community world-wide – in the four corners of the world, can use every opportunity to practice HUESA yoga together through the digital tools we have - with other like-minded practitioners - at sunrise or early in the morning, at dawn or any time – during the 11:11 HUESA healing portal - connecting every hour at 11:11 local time through the live stream on we collectively create a loving world,alleviating the suffering on earth - by gathering our small beacon of light together we become the light house, by transforming ourselves we are contributing to the transformation of the world.

By the Quantum Zeno and the Quantum Entanglement effects we do our Spiritual practice daily in order to lock into our highest vibration possible not just for our own personal Energy but also for the vibration of our Planet and our Multiverse of which we are part of.

When we all align our thoughts and prayers, we make a big difference. One may not be able to do it, but together we have the power to make the world a better place to live, for us and for all the future generations to come.

We are the magicians; we are the alchemist to be the transformation that we want to achieve in this lifetime on earth.

Our evolution passed through many transformations until the drop of water becomes the ocean; the grain of sand represents the desert. Only the illuminated human beings can help humanity. Only light can end darkness. Only love can end hatred.

We can create the collective momentum, which helps to purify the environment. Every breath that we take in, we are taking the energy of Light and Love,every breath that we expire, we sending peace,equanimity,calmness and harmony. We have the choice wether we create a better future rather than being victims of the temporary current circumstances.