Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a living phenomenon. Yoga is a science. It is a technology – you have to know how to use it. When you do yoga the most important thing is your intention. If you are happy and emotionally stable, then all the signals that you send to the brain will be for happiness, joy and health.

Yoga is the ancient knowledge of life, it is a way of living, a universal code of conduct towards wellbeing. It is the union between your visible and your invisible part, between your physical and energetic body; your small self merges into the immense universe. Yoga is the union between body, mind and soul.

The true attitude of yoga is to be humble. Doing yoga is to live in awareness. Yoga is the spirit of the collective energy, the energy of love.

Meditation is a form of science to help you understand who you are and what the most important thing in your life is. In meditation you can receive the answer to what is the purpose of being here and have a dialogue with the infinite source of energy. This is how you connect with the infinite intelligence.

The HUESA method teaches an easy, but effective yoga and meditation techniques that can help us find inner peace, the Zero State of mind, where peace replaces all thoughts and emotions. These techniques help us turn our mind inward for contemplation and relaxation. As we practice it, we gradually learn to live in an awakened state.

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