Universal Energy

What is Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is a vital force that sustains all forms of life. It can be found everywhere in nature. Indeed, all living creatures need Universal Energy to maintain their vital functions. A lack or an imbalance of this vital life-energy in our body may lead to stress-related problems or discomfort. By tapping into Universal Energy we can go beyond mere manifestations to arrive at the root of the problem.

Universal Energy works throughout the body’s organs and cells. When Universal Energy circulates within our body, we call it Human Energy. As it flows throughout the body, it helps our energy system to regain its natural balance and holistically improve overall health in harmony with body, mind and soul.

This energy of existence has always been there. It belongs to everyone and it includes everyone. Everyone needs this divine energy to live. It gives life to you and gives life to all living creatures. This energy does not discriminate because it is inclusive. It does not differentiate among cultures, nations and countries.

Your energy field is so huge, so vast; it is touching the energy field of everyone around you. You create a collective energy field, a divine net, which vibrates at the same frequency of love and compassion. Your quantum heart is as big as the universe. When you align all your thoughts and prayers you make a big difference. One may not be able to do it, but together you have the power to make the world a better place to live, for you and for all the future generations to come. Carry this beautiful energy with you. Wherever you go, you spread this energy of love, compassion, unity and harmony. This love combines the energy inside you with the divine love of the universe. Then you are everyone and everyone is you. Then life is a miracle. Do not wait to see, just be this love and it will manifest.

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