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There is a basic human wisdom, which can resolve the world’s sufferings. It does not belong to any person, nation, culture or religion. It is neither from the West, or from the East as it is universal, and it is in every one of us. This is the basic goodness, which is in every one of you. You have it, you keep it, and you nourish it. You know who you are and why you are here on Earth in this lifetime.

You can change the world by changing yourself. And this is how you can help the world. Being alive is a basic goodness. Every human being has a basic nature of goodness. It is in the human love, gentleness and appreciation towards each other. This goodness is everywhere. It is in you in abundance and you can share it with the world. It multiplies when it is realized.

The main focus of your life may have been trying to get a good job, earning a living, raising a family, and enjoying life’s material pleasures. It can indeed be easy to run through the maze of life without pausing to think of its real meaning.

However, at some point you may start asking yourself questions such as: does what I’m doing matter? more importantly: does it matter to me? You realize that you are not fulfilled, that something is missing, something to give a more profound purpose to your life.

Feeling that what you’re doing has a real purpose and meaning that matters to you can make a huge difference in your life. It makes getting up each day a very exciting thing. But how can you cultivate a more meaningful life?

Finding your life’s purpose may seem a daunting task, but the HUESA method can help you identify what really matters for you.

The practice of HUESA method can both help ourselves and others. By helping others without expecting material gain or reward in return, we can develop our compassion and gain a more positive perspective on life. This act of sharing with others may spread a positive philosophy to everybody: true love without expecting a reward sets the basis for better relationships among all human beings, leading to better quality of life. In addition, constant practice of the method will ultimately contribute to a higher level of awareness, enabling us to go forward on our path of personal evolution.

Personal evolution for HUESA practitioners means a sincere quest for self-improvement as an individual and greater care for others. As we progress in the method, we take more interest in acting for the benefit of the whole rather than an individual or a group of people. Also, we become more willing to accept life’s adverse situations and seek to enjoy the present moment rather than regret the past or worry about the future. We can reach a higher level of consciousness that allows us to distinguish what is false and transient from what lasts forever.

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