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Mission Statement

The HUESA method aims at achieving total wellness through the application of the universal energy for self-discipline, self-awareness and the realization of the basic human goodness for the benefit of all living creatures.


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Harmony and Peace on Planet Earth amongst nations, traditions, races, genders, ideologies and religions.

Unconditional Love, well being, inner peace amongst our brothers and sisters of the planet Earth.

Empowering individuals and communities to fully develop their latent creative abilities for social and environmental harmony.

Spirituality and Science interacting to innovate the global collective consciousness serving the humanity. Science and technology advancing in a cooperative manner with infinite abundance to nourish the world’s population while nurturing the planet’s pristine nature.

Acceptance of our differences and learning from all of the many paths available for the human evolutionary progress. The humanity of planet Earth joining and acting in unity as a single being, as many cells in our body organized in different organs, each with an unique function serving the whole body.

Huesa is an international community of energy practitioners

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Thousands of students from all around the world join our events every year. Come and join us to explore yourself.

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