"Know Thyself" Program - Dai Phuoc Island, Vietnam April 29 - May 1/2024 - Huesa - 2024 04 29 Know Thyself

“Know Thyself” Program – Dai Phuoc Island, Vietnam April 29 – May 1/2024

"Know Thyself" Program - Dai Phuoc Island, Vietnam April 29 - May 1/2024

“To understand and know yourself is the most important thing in life, all else will follow without effort”

Dai Phuoc welcomed everyone to the journey of “Knowing Thyself” on a hot sunny day at the end of April. However, the heat from the summer sunshine did not diminish the joy and excitement of everyone coming to Dai Phuoc this time.

Starting the journey was the creative drawing Workshop hosted by Huesa youth. All participants had wonderful hours filled with laughter and joy, together unleashing their creativity with all kinds of colors and ideas to draw on their bags and shirts with the messages of “knowing thyself”

2nd day:

The most outstanding and exciting activity on day 2 was the Marathon program organized by Swanbay. Everyone showed up very early, wearing the shirts and bags that they had completed in the workshop the previous day to run with the spirit of connection and spreading the energy of harmony, unity and love. For some members, this was the first time they had participated in such a long distance run. But everyone, no matter what their age or ability, had learned together to know how to run mindfully, quietly and surpass themselves.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered together and shared about the topic “Knowing Thyself” with the presence of our beloved Co Theresa. Through questions as the catalysts, many life stories were shared to become lessons and wisdom for community members. Right after that, everyone had fun and peaceful hours flying kites together and watching the beautiful sunset next to the river. The second day of the program ended with a warm and emotional bonfire at the Aloha Unity Cooperation.

On the morning of the third day, all members practiced yoga together, meditated to welcome a new day and said “Aloha” – See you next time – to close the program. However, we all understand that each person’s journey to “Know thyself” never stops. Each person after this program has brought back new luggage of love, connection, sharing and the spirit of overcoming themselves to discover and understand themselves more every day.

Although the program was planned in just 2 days, it took place extremely smoothly with a lot of synchronicities and miracles for everyone.

Let’s always connect with each other with lots of love and light! Aloha!