The first step in the spiritual journey is mediation. If you do not make the first step, the journey of 1000 miles will never begin. Your spiritual cultivation is an emergency. Do not leave it for tomorrow.

Meditation for us is to learn not to lose so much energy via our thoughts. Meditation teaches us to return back to our true source, to return back to our true self.

Meditation stops the thought and brings us into the silence. We need silence as we have gone too far from nature. We need to go back to nature and reconnect with the divine intellect and the universal library according to the laws of nature. The universal library contains all the useful and practical lessons and knowledge that have been accumulated throughout life.

Have freedom from your habits, traditions, emotions. Meditation will help you to enter into this boundless space and find your true self.

Meditation is the broad space of silence, where there are the sacred sounds – the beating of the heart, the sounds of life and Universe, the birth of flowers and animals, the sounds of existence; the sounds of calling for a change of your personality. In meditation you can understand the true meaning of life.

Meditation is to enter into the space with the highest frequency, where there is silence, and only silence is talking to you. Meditation is the root to peace. Meditation is the right way, the alternative to have freedom, no dependence on others, no control by others.