Huesa’s Journey to Tasmania – April 14 to 19, 2019

Huesa’s road trip in Tasmania, the Australia Island State, starts in Hobart, in the morning of April 14, with Cô and a group of 44 students. The whole group was very happy, positive and excited.

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and is located at the southeast coast of the island, at the base of Mt Wellington, our first stop. From its summit we could have a general view of the city and of the coastal line. Such a beautiful panoramic view – waterways, bays, small islands, clear blue sky and many green areas. But at the summit there was more to see than the spectacular view: buschwalk, interesting rocks, birds, wallabies… After exploring around, the group gathered on a nice spot, sitting on the rocks, feeling the wind and the sun while listening to Cô’s words, being inspired by the energy of the place.

Then came lunch time and we had the opportunity to visit Franklin Wharf, such an agreeable place. At Mures Lower Deck there were a variety of healthy dishes, fresh and delicious seafood to all tastes. Besides, eating with a sea view and with good company is always pleasant.

After the delightful time spent at the wharf, we went back to the cars to hit the road and drive to our next destination, Port Arthur, where we would spend the first two nights. What a good surprise when we arrived at Stewarts Bay Lodge. It was located inside a forest, by the bay, with nice and cozy cottages.

Next morning, despite of the cold weather, we woke up early morning and witnessed the sunrise by the lake while practicing yoga to enlighten body and soul, preparing ourselves for another day.

Second day was the day to visit Port Arthur Historic Site – an open air museum, one of Australia’s most famous prisons, listed as a World Heritage and once known as the “inescapable prison”. With lush green lawns, beautiful gardens, and a quiet air, it’s difficult to imagine Port Arthur as a brutal prison that held more than 1,000 convicts at its peak. Legends say that “haunting ghosts” there are still causing disturbance. Good thing is that we have already learned in our spiritual path not to judge, to be neutral, and to keep our thoughts positive and beyond good or bad. This attitude is the only thing that can protect us, keeping us safe and away from negative vibrations that could pull us down or create bad interferences in our magnetic field. With pure intent and positive attitude, we can always radiate love, light and compassion. We could learn many lessons of life and death; good and bad; right and evil. We could overcome the negative stories and keep on going forward with a positive attitude towards life, not to repeat the same mistakes and not to keep on falling in the same “hole”. Our Huesa group could have a nice time, walking around the gardens; crossing portals, gateways, being blessed by the bells ringing – a special “treat” for us – enjoying a boat ride through the bay, climbing a hill… again, and the panoramic view was so beautiful… Before we leave the place we had a good meditation with the intention to send our best wishes for the prisoners who had been there, for the ancestors and for the guardians of the place and of the region.

In the afternoon we explored a bit more of Port Arthur area, heading to Eaglehawk Neck to see a Tessellated Pavement. The specific tessellated pavement found there, on the shore of Pirates Bay, consists of a marine platform with concaves depressions, looking like a mosaic.

Third day begins and we expected a few more hours of driving on that day. So nothing better than starting the day with yoga by the lake over nice and thin sand. The sunrise was particularly special on that morning, filling the sky with different shades of purple and pink, inspiring ourselves.

On the way, first stop of the day was Swansea Beach Park, where we were presented with an adorable sea of dark and light blue mixed together, white sands and many cottages facing the beach.

Some kilometers ahead we reached Freycinet National Park and started a trek to the lookup point of the famous Wineglass Bay, one of Tasmania’s most photographed views. Freycinet National Park is loaded with natural assets, including the pink granite peaks of the Hazards Range, charming bays, white sand beaches and bird-filled lagoons. The treks back down from the lookup point to the parking lot lead us through different paths, and we could explore more of the area. We were lucky to have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves, being able to connect better with nature there. A few stops here and there for a rock or tree hug.

Then, another hour and a half drive until we get to Scamander. Such a special night we had that day with the wonderful dinner that gathered all the group in the best shamballa spirit. The restaurant was closed for us. A few big tables of ten or more put us closer to each other. We had a healthy and light dinner with baked fish, vegetables, rice, salad, and french fries as a treat. Simple but delicious. Some stayed for dessert, also very light, a special coconut cream mixed with local fruits.

The day was great, so how come not having a good sleep? But not before taking some time to thank life for what had been experienced.

It’s amazing how life brings us the best of what we need when we are at the right frequency. The next morning we had the pleasure to practice yoga at a nice area covered with soft green grass, facing a canal. Again water was present with us during yoga and we could place our yoga mats to face the sunrise.

The plan for the fourth day was basically driving the whole day. But it’s good that the Universe always finds a way to surprise us.

After many hours driving, we still could not feel bored at all, because Tasmania has beauty everywhere you look. We arrived at a place called Cosy Corner South. It is a camping site by a beautiful beach at Binalong Bay. And our surprise was right there waiting for us.

We thought at first that we would just take some pictures and have a quick look at the beach. Then, suddenly, when we realized, we were already running around in the white sand like happy kids playing. And we didn’t stop until we reach a bunch of interesting big rocks at the west end of the beach. Some rocks had an orange colored top, others were so big that we could easily fit the whole group for a gathering. Time to sit and rest while listen to Cô’s words of wisdom and inspiration. The energy of the place was very special. Rather than a regular meditation it felt more like a blessing. We all left the place filled with love, light and gratitude.

There were still a few hours of driving ahead of us until we arrive at our hotel. On the way the unexpected hit us one more time – Lease 65 Aquaculture at St. Helens.

Lease 65 Aquaculture is an Oyster Farm. They produce premium oysters in different sizes. They received us very well giving us an overall view of how things work there. The oysters are considered premium because of the extraordinary conditions of the water and the environment where they grow. After learning about the production and exploring the farm we had the chance to taste those special oysters at the site. Humm… yummy… so fresh, light and tasty! Premium Oysters with lemon!

A few minutes before arriving at Discovery Parks Lodge, our accommodation for that night, we had a water initiation on the road. We were caught by a strong and heavy rain. It was a challenging arrival as the lodge was located inside the forest, at the base of Cradle Mountain. It was very interesting to notice the excellent mood of the whole group dealing with the situation. Each cottage housed 4 to 6 people, another opportunity to exercise Shamballa spirit. I have to say that we did pretty well.

The heavy rain kept falling down throughout the night and in the morning it was still raining a lot, but this motivated us to be more flexible and resilient and enjoy what we have. It is an excellent opportunity to apply in practice what we learn in HUESA school of life. If we cannot go outside for yoga, then the small cottage inside is OK too. We just needed to move the furniture and the suitcases in order to open space for the 6 yoga mats. It was fun. When we want, everything is possible.

After yoga we still didn’t know if it was going to be possible to visit the mountain due to the rain. Then we took our time for a nice breakfast waiting for the rain to stop. Immediately we gathered the group and went straight to the Visitor’s Centre that was just across the road. Again the Universe was playing by our side to help us.

There are so many treks, so much that can be explored, Craddle Mountain that they offer mini buses to take visitors until certain points. We went straight to the last stop, at the very top of the mountain, where there is a beautiful lake. The idea was to take trek around the lake. And we did it! It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach our goal. Here and there the rain came to bless us. Walking around the lake was a unique experience with amazing scenery, rainbows and the strong energy of the beings of the forest. What a sacred place! So much learning! What a gift spending the whole morning there until we go down the mountain and hit the road again.

By the end of the day we arrived at Stanley. It was not dark yet, and we could see for the first time the imposing monolith by the sea, our main motivation to visit the place. The historic village of Stanley is nestled at the base of The Nut, remains of an ancient volcanic plug.

It was Thursday, Good Friday’s eve, and we still had a few trays of the delicious oysters from Lease 65 that we didn’t have a chance to eat yet. Then we all gathered at the restaurant of the hotel for our “last supper” – a wonderful way to spend our last night together.

Early morning, as usual, we met for yoga. The area didn’t give us good conditions to place the mats therefore we decided to practice the 32 exercises, the first yoga set we learned. Few minutes after we started to practice, we realized that all the sheep that were next door eating the neighbor’s grass stopped eating and put their heads up to admire us with a funny look. We couldn’t help ourselves. We had to stop and laugh for a moment.

Before leaving the city it was time to go visit The Nut. A very steep walking track leading to the summit did not break us down. Slowly we started walking up the track until we reach the top. While up there we had the chance to walk around the whole area of the monolith. It was really worth it. The sun rising, the cool breeze of the morning, silence, and a never ending dark blue sea ahead of us. It was one of those moments of deep gratitude to admire the beauty of nature and to listen to the words of wisdom of Cô, who uses every opportunity in life to help us enlighten our being, and above all else to be fully human.

The trip was almost over. Our flights would leave from Launceston airport by the end of the afternoon, but it was Good Friday, and we still had a lot to explore.

Full of joy and energy the group toured the city of Penguin, a coastal city half way from Launceston, until we decide to stop at a park to have a walk. We ended up finding a nice place for a picnic. We had a wonderful time at the park, talking and sharing while sitting on the grass under the shade of a big, strong and beautiful tree. For me it seemed the perfect way to get to an end.

I take the opportunity to thank Cô for her light, wisdom and guidance throughout our journey, and also thank the whole group that kept the good mood even in the most challenging moments, with the spirit of union, collaboration, cooperation and sharing. From Hobart in the south-east of the island, to Launceston, north-west, Huesa group crossed Tasmania with Shamballa spirit.

Letícia Do Canto Menezes Matheus