Feel the Energy

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are welcoming you all to this Complex of the Pyramids in Bosnia. We are in the tunnel. This is an extensive underground tunnel leading to the Pyramid of the Sun. This part of the tunnel is very, very sacred. We are meditating around this big mass of ceramic sculpture; it’s about eight tons in weight, and we have been told that this has been here for many thousand of years and it was created by a very special civilization as a energy generating machine.

With our limited understanding at the moment we see this structure as a very high technology to generate the energy for the well being of the civilization who lived here before us. It’s generating the right electromagnetic field for human health, which we have been told that it is around twenty-eight kilohertz (kHz), and negative ions are one of the very good elements for our health.

At the moment, here in this chamber, it has been calculated that around forty…fourteen thousand ions per cc (cubic centimetre). But all these numbers, all these explanations are very much dependent on our limited knowledge. Many other infinite wonders, wisdom in the past, we still cannot understand, so we try to use our limited understanding to explain all these very sacred phenomena. Bounders

So we are learning, and history needs to be changed. If everything here be rediscovered then the all system of our education, of our understanding of the current science has to be changed; and we have to think about our origin, the source that we come from.

So time on this planet Earth at the moment is a leading edge, is a quantum leap, so we’re here to contribute to this transformation that we have been looking forward to, for love, for harmony, for unity, as we are the extension of this infinite non physical vibration. Whatever you call that part is according to your believe system, your conditioned education, but we are only a very limited extension of this energy, the source that gives life to all living creatures on this planet Earth, so we could feel the vibrations according to our conditioned physical senses.

In this chamber the vibration’s generating from this ceramic sculpture and it has been proved that this uses the power of water underneath where the streams of water meeting, generating the energy coming up through this block of ceramic sculpture to create, to generate the energy in this chamber and around the extensive tunnel.

We will meditate together to share this energy from a very, very ancient artefact, the ceramic sculpture which is generating the energy of healing from the “Complex of Pyramids” in Bosnia. So together, we will meditate in this emptiness. We will share the energy from this very sacred, ancient artefact.