What is the Huesa method?

The HUESA method is a method of physical, mental, and spiritual techniques and practices that aims at reaching and maintaining a balanced state of body, mind and energy (soul). It has a holistic approach to human health, happiness and spiritual development. It is based on the activation of the major energy centers in the human body, through which we receive and share Universal Energy.

The HUESA techniques are focused on improvement of the physical health and the achievement of mental balance and stability, while boosting the energy in the body.  The main objective is to gain wellness and spiritual well-being. The HUESA method teaches:

  • conscious breathing, based on breath awareness.
  • zero mind meditation and mindful contemplation.
  • techniques for receiving and sending universal energy to the self, to others and the environment.
  • yoga.

Everyone in HUESA has the same goal: personal development for better life and the well-being of every living creature on this Planet Earth.

The motto of our HUESA method is “only human can help humankind”.  By helping others without expecting material gain or reward in return develops wisdom and compassion and establish a more positive understanding of life. Through the application of the HUESA method and techniques practitioners increase their consciousness and frequency levels in preparation for their spiritual growth and development.

What is Universal Energy?

Universal Energy (UE) is the energy that gives life to every living creature and sustains all forms of life in the Universe. It can be found everywhere around us – in the air, in the water, in the food – it can be visible, but also subtle, it can be sensed or intuitively perceived.

The imbalance or the lack of UE within us or around us may cause human unwellness or disease or may trigger stress and discomfort. Therefore in HUESA we learn how to use consciously our energy centers and harness the UE for our own benefit, to help others and to improve the quality of our environment. Only when we are in harmony with the UE – between human and human; human and nature and human and Universe we can be a complete universal being.

Who can learn in Huesa?

The HUESA school is open to everyone, without distinction of their nation, race, education, profession, religion, sex or any other discriminative qualification. The HUESA method emerged to help all human beings since we are all the same in our anatomy, physiology and biology. There is only minimum age requirement of 12 years old. However, the maximum age is unlimited, since there is no limitation in the quest for transformation, for healthy and wealthy life and happiness.

What can I benefit from Huesa method?

Through the practice and application of the HUESA method you may achieve harmony between body, mind and soul; balance between physical, material and spiritual life. It is the solid foundation to achieve better life. Gradually you will be able to understand and set your priorities in life in a different way to make yourself happier. You will learn to live here and now, in the present moment, to expect the unexpected life situations and accept the unacceptable life scenarios. You will learn that God gives you not what you want, but what you need in order to be a better person, understand who you are and live your life in a more fulfilling way. You will increase the level of your consciousness to help yourself, your family, your community and your country.

How to start learning?

Depending on your geographic location, you can contact one of our local HUESA centers. In case you would like to study the HUESA method you should start from Level I or the Fundamental Seminar. You can also participate in one of our international events to get introduced to the HUESA method. In any way you need to contact the nearest local HUESA center.

How long does it take to learn?

It is up to every individual how fast to progress and learn. The only requirement is that each practitioner practice at least 1 week the techniques of each level in order to experience and adjust to the energy frequency and to increase his own energy to be prepared for the next level. However, there is no obligation to continue learning after level I. Everyone is free to decide up to which level in the HUESA method to learn. Each student is informed about the seminar schedules by email or through the local HUESA center. You can also learn during our HUESA international events as announced on this website or through the local center.

Why we have different levels?

HUESA is a school of life. You cannot have the University diploma without having finished your primary or secondary school. Same is in our UE school – our method is based on various energy techniques, in which you apply and experience different source of energy and energy capacity. You cannot become the ocean if you do not emerge as a spring, then into a river to flow and merge with the ocean. The fire can burn you, if you do not know the heat of the fire. The different levels are for you to get acquainted with the energy and to know how to use it consciously and in full awareness.

Is it easy to practice?

The HUESA method is easy to practice since it does not involve any unusual physical exercises or postures. It involves simple, short and efficient techniques of conscious breathing, meditation and focused techniques for receiving and sending UE.

Why Huesa is different from other methods?

The method gives alternative solutions, new perspectives in life and new answers in moments of doubts. When applying HUESA method everyone may rediscover their inner guiding system, their intuition, their true self and realize that it is the most reliable life guide.  Everyone has his own, inner Master, but before he finds his own Master, everyone needs an outside Master, and many enlightened people have sacrificed their lives to be your Masters. Only through the visible master you can find the invisible master inside. The journey of reaching enlightenment might be long, but safer and easier with a living Master.

Why should I choose Huesa and learn its method?

The HUESA method is a living method as it is spread and taught by a living Master, who guides us in our daily life and gives us the solution and motivation to cope with the changes of the environment and the challenges in life in search of our true-selves on the way to enlightenment.

How can Huesa change my life?

When you practice and apply the HUESA method you will see the transformation in yourself. You are the transformation that you want to see on this planet Earth…As you change, the world will change.