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Solstice Sacred Space Sharing Virtual Retreat

Join us for a transformative journey from the comfort of your home as we embrace the powerful energies of the solstice in our Solstice Sacred Space Sharing Virtual Retreat.

From the serene early hours of 6:00 AM to the twilight at 17:22 PM, on 21 December, 2023 (Vietnam Time) this event is a blend of spiritual practices and communal celebration.

The program will be held according to the following timeframes

– From 6:00 AM, begin your day with a revitalizing yoga session at dawn, bringing clarity and peace to your mind and body. As the day unfolds, participate in a symbolic bonfire gathering, a space for sharing wisdom, fostering community and connection. The highlight of our retreat, an 11:11 portal meditation at 7:11 AM, is designed to harness the solstice energy, opening doors to deeper consciousness and spiritual growth.

– Following a break from 7:22 am until 3:00 PM, the retreat resumes with sessions running from 3:00 PM till 5:11 PM.

– At 5:11 PM, join us for a special meditation session, culminating in a moment of collective reflection and tranquility.

– Form of organization: Video Conferencing through ZOOM
– Participants: Welcome everyone to attend

This retreat is an opportunity to connect with each other, celebrating the unity of our spirits with the universe in a celestial celebration of life and light.

– Details and registration at the WellneSSera website:

With love and light,
HUESA team

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