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Solar Eclipse Event – 08-04-2024

As we continue our 30-day journey of spiritual awakening, join us virtually for a pivotal moment during the solar eclipse on April 8th, starting at 3:30am Vietnam time. Through the power of video connection, let us collectively witness the celestial dance of the sun and the moon, amplifying the spiritual resonance of our ongoing quest.

This cosmic event serves as a crucial milestone within our journey, inviting us to deepen our introspection and explore the profound mysteries of existence. Tune in from anywhere in the world, as we come together to embrace this moment of cosmic significance and embark on further exploration of self-discovery and transformation.

Together, let us continue to illuminate the path to higher consciousness, united in our quest for enlightenment amidst the majestic harmony of the universe.

The Event will be organized according to the following details:

– Time: from 03:30 am – 5:00 am Vietnam time, on 08/04/2024
– Form of organization: Online via Zoom
– Participants: Everyone is welcome.
– Note that all the registrants of “30-Day Spiritual Awakening” Program will be automatically added to the 08/04 event before the event begin.

– Details and registration at the WellneSSera website:

With Light and Love,
Huesa Team.

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