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Online connection for program in BOSNIA

Dear beloved Soul Family,

As we all know, early this July, the HUESA community will have the most anticipated global reunion in recent years from the valley of the pyramids of Visoko, Bosnia. It is a great blessing for all of us that Co Theresa will be there in person with more than 300 HUESA students from many countries around the world with the same mind for the great transition during this period.

This is an extremely sacred connection after nearly 3 years of transformation and purification across the globe. In order to increase the vibration and spread this special energy from the pyramids in Bosnia, HUESA Global will organize an online connection for all students who cannot come to Visoko.

The detailed online connection information is as follows:
1. Time: from 18:00 to 21:00 Melbourne time from July 03-07, 2022
2. Form: connect via Zoom
3. Participants: From level 1 and above
4. If you need any assistance or support for the seminar, please contact the organizers

– Registration details are available on WellneSSera website.
– Payment can be made by international payment card, Paypal or eSa points
– Registration portal has been opened and will be closed according to details on WelneSSera

With love and light,
WellneSSera team

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