6-Sessions Webinar - Reconnected to our Divine Origins - Huesa - Original Akash 720

6-Sessions Webinar – Reconnected to our Divine Origins

Loving soul family,

Get reconnected to our Divine Origins, rekindle the remembrance of the Original Akash . Reactivate the Lemurian & Atlantean Codes. Implement this ancient wisdom and energetic communication to navigate through this great shift on our planet earth.

The program will be organized in 6 sessions, each week will hold a session with different topics and a duration of 3 hours, the specific schedule is as follows:

– Session 1: November 11, 2022
– Session 2: November 19, 2022
– Session 3: November 25, 2022
– Session 4: December 03, 2022
– Session 5: December 10, 2022
– Session 6: December 17, 2022

Time for all 6 sessions: from 07:00 am to 10:00 am (Melbourne Time).

Subscribers who are unable to attend online will be able to watch a replay on the website.

The first session on November 11, 2022, a special milestone “11:11:22 – Divine Stargate Energy Transmission”.

11:11 The Portal of Portals, the Portal of Transformation, another auspicious grand opening forming a quantum doorway, passage to something greater, new Beginnings.

Getting your Light Quotient raised. The more Divine light your body can have the more conscious you become, the more efficient you are, the more Grace will shine through you, the more blessings you can receive and share with the world.

All are welcome.

– For registering: please log in your account in WellneSSera website.
– Payment: international payment cards, Paypal or eSa point.
– Registration gate closing time is announced on WellneSSera website

With Love and Light,
WellneSSera team

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