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End of year Camp and L13 seminar in Shambala Thailand

Dear HUESA Family,

It feels like forever ago since we last gathered to celebrate the start of a new year together, doesn’t it? The joy and camaraderie we experienced at our last retreat unlocked so many possibilities within us. Now, it’s time to come together again to weave our tapestry of joy and warmth in welcoming the New Year. Let’s seize this opportunity to share, celebrate, and truly be ourselves in an environment brimming with synergistic energy. Let’s carry this spirit forward and create more festivals of love and happiness as we welcome the New Year.

2024 heralds’ new beginnings, and our beloved guide, Cô Theresa will be ready to welcome us into this new era. She will jointly lead us in creating a space of love and harmony during our special Camp in Shambala, Thailand. Following these transformative experiences, we will delve into our first significant seminar of the year, LEVEL 13

Here’s what you need to know about both programs:

I. FIRST EVENT: End of year Camp
1. Dates: 3 days inclusively 29-30-31 December 2023
2. Venue: Huesa Wellness Resort, Phetchaburi, Thailand
3. Open To: Everyone who wishes to embrace new beginnings and personal growth.

II. SECOND EVENT:L13 seminar
1. Dates: 02/01 – 04/01/2024.
Open to L6 and up.


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