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6.6.6 Portal of Light

Dear Divine Soul Family,

9 years since 6/6/2013 in linear time we are having another 6.6.6 Portal , which is opening an opportunity to anchor and embody the Sacred energy of the Divine Mother/Feminine/Sophia aspects of consciousness.

This 666 portal will be open from June 6-24 and will bring the energetic support for you to make the internal shift , for you to move into this higher state of Being when you are able to anchor it. When living in balance with the Divine Mother principles of creation, life flows with ease and grace.

You are invited to join this live multidimensional Energy activation to assist you with stepping into the 6.6.6 Portal of Light.

Details are as follows:

Livestreaming session.
– On Monday 06/06/2022 from 7:30am – 9:00am Melbourne time
– Eligibility: All Welcome.

– For registering: please log in your account in WellneSSera website.
– Payment: international payment cards, Paypal or eSa point.
– Registration gate closing time is announced on WellneSSera website

With Love and Lights
WellneSSera team

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