(Extract from our Daily Global Meditation.) Today we are in Nalchik, Russia. We have arrived and received a very warm welcome from the people here, and our family has been extended. A lot of people from many other regions have arrived here in front of this Divine Home, another Big Antenna, and we share the energy with you, from here, the love and the harmony, that we promised to one another. We promised we will create a wave of happiness.

Only love can end hatred. And this time on our planet Earth, we are the witnesses of the transformation of the consciousness that we need in order to survive, to continue on this Home, the Green Planet Earth.

So together we will meditate, we will get into this gap, the unity, the harmony, to create the new world, the new human beings. The new human beings are born from the old ones, from us, from every one of us. We have this seed and the seed needs to get out of this hard shell to become the tree; then the tree will grow and will blossom…but we need the courage, the courage in every one of us. We have the wisdom, we have the love, but we need the courage as well…