I always felt there was something higher to trust in, today I am fully aware of this and it is the greatest gift to me

My experience with the Universal Energy Teaching began in year 2000, I attended the first seminars trying to deepen the techniques of energy transfer and meditation, etc..

I walked my path as a student trying to put into practice all that I was taught, but without really feeling a momentum in my life-style and state of being.

These steps anyhow helped me to understand the many mistakes I made in the past, even if they helped me to grasp the meaning of life and steadily improve.

I began from the new level -1- with a baggage of experiences and mistakes that I could progressively solve as the new levels took place.

Being a very practical person, I immediately understood that the new seminars were more essential and faster than in the past, and this increased my curiosity, every topic centered the target and things became more and more clear and simple.

I felt it was time to focus, and so it was, but I could apply effortlessly, and everything was natural and smoot; people around me and situations I could better understand, a strong feeling of being better centered.

Every morning I practiced breathing exercises, I cut my own space, I started to be disciplined with my alarm clock, always at the same time 5,50 AM; slowly discipline spread on to all those small things in life that were, no more, so important to me.

Everything became more ritual; even those small things you need to start the day with: time to wash myself and make me tidy, a very rich and abundant breakfast admiring the shape of the fruits, the sun rays on my table, no more technology, longer time to appreciate all what I eat, filling me up with positivity.

And when the rest of the family wakes up, I am ready to welcome them with a nice Good Morning, and here I noticed how the situation has changed for them as well, since they all wake up happier and ready to start the day.

At this point, practicing the breathing exercises of the first levels, I started to look at myself from the outside, realizing my defects, above all the way of communicating with other people.

I attended the new levels where we studied the 3 Zeros and then I understood how many mistakes we can do communicating with people, dragged by our daily life-style.

I started to put more discipline, and it got easier to put the 3 Zeros into practice.

I began to listen to people and I learnt that before I was not truly listening to them; by listening to others I realized more and more my mistakes and I corrected them. Now when I face people who are doing wrong (without any judgement) I find a way of communication with a simple right word or even being silent.

I realized they listen to me and in many cases our relationship visibly improved. I started to become more and more aware of universal energy potential.

Going on with higher levels I got practicing detox yoga and, at level 15, magnetic yoga; since then on I practiced alternating detox and magnetic, and after 4 months I realized very many transformations.

Even without serious sport training I realized my cardiorespiratory levels improved together with my flexibility and performance as well.

Now I cannot skip my morning exercises anymore, with a very positive influence on my daily life and an improved focus and awareness regarding Huesa teachings; I avoid all kind of situations pulling me away from my well-being and I go to sleep in happiness knowing that my wake-up will be beautiful each and every day of the week.

Briefly regarding myself, I love sport, nature and simple things in life, I always followed my heart, guts before intelligence, and I did not put on masks or profit oriented ways of thinking; such a behavior might be dangerous in western societies and in fact my experiences were not easy. Even if that made me vulnerable, I always felt there was something higher to trust in, today I am fully aware of this and it is the greatest gift to me.

With love and gratitude,

Paolo Nelzi

HUESA Level 15 student (ITALY)