HUESA World Conference – “Bio-energy and Human Health”

From the 5th to 7th of May 2016, almost 300 delegates hailing from 23 countries and spanning 5 continents attended the inaugural HUESA world conference of  “Bio-energy and Human Health” at Vietstar Resort and Spa, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. In cooperation and with the support of the Oriental Research Development Institute (ORDI) and with nine languages translated during the conference, a very successful event heralded the start of something very special for both Vietnam and HUESA.

Delegates consisted of representatives from local authorities, local media and a myriad of scientists, professors, doctors and other highly respected in the society participants from all corners of the world. Receiving a very warm welcome from local authorities, speakers from Vietnam, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Belarus and Australia shared their views on bio energy (universal energy) and its application in their daily live for physical, emotional and psychological wellness.

After  two days of scientific discussions, on the 7th of May, delegates enjoyed a day field-trip to the Phu Yen  province, beginning with a sun rise meditation on the beach and visiting several places of cultural and historical importance in the area.

In the evening, Phu Yen province authorities met delegates at the city cultural centre for a farewell celebration with special cultural performances and traditional music filling the hall for a spectacular night.

On the 8th of May, many of the delegates left Phu Yen to return to their countries and bring back home a piece of love and the memories of Vietnam and its people. A small group of foreign participants continued their stay in Vietnam to spread their love and to visit many other places of historical interest.

With this international event, a new page in history has been set for HUESA, which marks the beginning for a new program for this school. To share this event, please visit our photo gallery.