Discovering Oneness

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. We are connected with you from Petchaburi, in the South of Thailand. And today our working team from HUESA Shamballa is visiting this Cave. In this Cave, in front of you is the Statue of the Reclining Buddha, a symbol of peace, compassion. And everywhere in this Cave we have so many statues: statues of Buddha, statues of Deities, statues of many physical entities who have lived here before.

So, today, we’re sending you our compassion, our harmony, in this part of the world. We are here for the past one and a half months to build up Shamballa as the place that have given us the motivation, the intention how to have the community together; live together, work together, breathe the same air. In the morning we get up early, we listen to the birds singing, we see the sunrise, we meditate together. This is the starting of the UE village that Master, our beloved teacher, our beloved Master, the founder of this Universal Energy School, once, wished to have.

Now we just take on this journey, and it’s a synchronicity that today we have come here, on a Sunday, during this Daily Global Meditation, so that we can be connected with you. Where the Shamballa is build now we have got no internet yet, we have no signal for the mobile phone, but yet, we live; we live fully, totally, with Nature.

The work there is hard; everyday, during the day the sun is very hot. The time that we have to stand outside in the field is really hot, then we have to find other way around so that we can be accustomed to the weather here. Otherwise, we are enjoying it and we live together as a real family, with love, with sharing, with harmony, and helping one another to transform slowly, by and by.

So, from this Cave, the <em>Khao Luang Cave, from the Province of Petchaburi, where our HUESA Shamballa is situated, we send you all our greetings, our love, for all together…we’re always together. In every breath that we take, if we know that we are one with the Universe, we are you, you are us. That’s how we are connected, in every breath that we take - the same air that Buddha used to take; the same air that Jesus Christ used to take.

So, we will be together in this Oneness, so that we can build Shamballa in every one of us before this can be manifested into the real Shamballa outside, in this physical world. So from HUESA Shamballa, in Thailand, we say goodbye to you.