A New Chapter During Covid-19 Global Reset

With the COVID global reset, HUESA respects and complies with the international rules world-wide. At this time we do not meet physically anymore, but we meet regularly more than ever through Online Energy Activation Livestream and Interactive Zoom Sessions. We even organise Virtual Retreats by Zoom from one of our main hubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, BiH.

Thanks to our new online Platform WellneSSera and the iMP events, we meet online to breathe, meditate, practice yoga together and then share, sing, dance… and have fun. We establish strong connections, new friends and live like a family in an online environment without any boundaries. We have paused our past activities to reset a new reality and reestablish a new world of peace, harmony and unity for every living creature and for Mother Earth.

Join our HUESA activities online to become the new humanity in a new Earth. Stay tuned for new updates!


One Heart - One World with our Community EcoSystem

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A platform to register and attend the Huesa Events. Experience yourself beyond the limitations.

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iMP-infinite MarketPlace

Where you can Host and Attend Online Community Events - Sharing, Learning and have fun

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A digital payment solution for registering events or exchanging between users on WellneSSera and iMP

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Huesa Pocket App

A friendly mobile app for HUESA students to practice yoga, meditation and many other useful utilities

Youth is not a time of life. It is a state of mind

In the last 10 years HUESA has been focusing towards the wellbeing of the younger generations. The idea about the establishment of the HUESA Youth has spread all over the world to bring youngsters together and offer them a new path and new solutions how to live and build a better life.

We have held multiple Youth Camps in Thailand and Bosnia. These camps consisted of gardening, art-making, sharing sessions, wellness seminars and sports and team building games. What started as a camp solely for the younger generation from different cultures to connect with each other has expanded to include HUESA students of all ages as the realisation that youth has no age and there is an inner child in all of us.