HUESA Curriculum

HUESA is a systematic and well-structured method of theory and application. It takes you on a journey from chakra 1 to chakra 7 and beyond. The journey that leads you to know your inner self and finds your new “you”, leading to a life of wellness.

Practitioners will be gradually introduced to different aspects of energy and how to apply these knowledge and techniques in everyday life. The current HUESA program is consist of 8 levels, with the first five levels taught by experienced authorized HUESA instructors and can be conducted both in presence or online. After completing each level, from level 1 to level 5 practitioners can join HUESA worldwide seminars and conferences for higher levels, guided by Cô Theresa Nguyen – the Founder and the President of HUESA.

Join us and start the journey of life. Enjoy the journey and do not look for the destination. During this journey you will be accustomed to meditation, breathing technique, HUESA yoga, ect. You will be guided to gradually build your inner strength with self-discipline and sense of peace and fulfilment. HUESA students from all walks of life can cultivate the teaching in their own pace and time.

For more information, please visit your local HUESA centre. To find the nearest centre to you, please click here.