Cô’s message on Mother's Day

On Sunday 10th May,

Mother's Day arrives as a beautiful tradition in many parts of the world. This time we are all in a very different place, space and consciousness.

Although with the global pause, reset, we see the gift of spending more time with our mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, many are struggling in stress induced survival mode.

To honor all that you are and all that you do in the service of motherhood, I would like to personally thank you by gifting you with this sacred soul healing sound of a lullaby that just made from my heart and soul, with all my pure intent imbued with the energy of motherly love from all the Divine Mothers of past, present and future, the energy of Mother Quanyin, of Mother Maria, of Mary Magdalene, of Galactic Mother, Our Earth Mother Gaia and many more...

In my fond memories, the sound of this lullaby was always with me, it has given me loving comforting energy in times of trouble. My mother and my great grandmother used to sing this lullaby to me when i was a child laying in a swinging hammock.

As a Mother, the value of raising a child is a very sacred soul role.

If you're a Mom, you deserve to heal, re-charge and re-set your nervous system by tuning out the 3D chaos and tuning into the high vibrational, holy enlightened frequencies of divine love.

If you have a Mother that you'd like to heal your relationship with, you can send her by thoughts, by your intention this sacred soul healing sound to heal her childhood wounds and the ones from her ancestral mothers that came before her.

And if your Mother is in the Ancestral Realms, she too is only a moment away so tell her you love her and that in the spirit of endless love, you can choose to love her for all eternity.

On this Mothers Day weekend, please take a moment to re-parent yourself and re-birth your magical child.

With much Love and Light.

Cô 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻