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Feel the Energy

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are welcoming you all to this Complex of the Pyramids in Bosnia. We are in the tunnel. This is an extensive underground tunnel leading to the Pyramid of the Sun. This part of the tunnel is very, very sacred. We are meditating around this big mass of ceramic sculpture; it’s about eight tons in weight, and we have been told that this has been here for many thousand of years and it was created by a very special civilization as a energy generating machine....


We learn from the sun

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. We are in Shamballa. This part of the world is so beautiful. It’s morning here. The dawn has just started, the sun is rising, as every one of us can be the sun. The valley surrounded by mountains […] in the Province of Petchaburi, in Thailand....


Discovering Oneness

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. We are connected with you from Petchaburi, in the South of Thailand. And today our working team from HUESA Shamballa is visiting this Cave. In this Cave, in front of you is the Statue of the Reclining Buddha, a symbol of peace, compassion. And everywhere in this Cave we have so many statues: statues of Buddha, statues of Deities, statues of many physical entities who have lived here before....


Water is a source of life

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today, we are connected with you all through this Daily Global Meditation from Argentina. In front of you is the Iguassu Falls. This side is from Argentina side. These falls belongs to two countries, Argentina and Brazil. And this morning, our Universal Energy family, we have visited the dam Itaipu....


We used to have so many latent abilities

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are in Bosnia. In front of you is the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. It has been found that there are many sacred places with extensive underground tunnels, and many people have travelled to come here, to learn about the past, to transcend the current belief system that we are just the physical bodies....