We used to have so many latent abilities

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are in Bosnia. In front of you is the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. It has been found that there are many sacred places with extensive underground tunnels, and many people have travelled to come here, to learn about the past, to transcend the current belief system that we are just the physical bodies.

We used to have many latent abilities and in front of you, this pyramid, they have named it the Pyramid of the Sun, and in other places around here, in this complex, we have the Pyramid of the Mother EarthPyramid of LovePyramid of the Dragon and Pyramid of the Moon.

How we have become who we are today? Time is very relative. We used to have so many latent abilities but now we have believed only in five physical senses. In the most, we have learned to regain the ability to use our sixth sense, what we call intuition. So we are in this dimension, very limited. We have used our limited abilities and we’re dependent so much on our minds, on our brain. We have used so little of our brain; there are much, much more.

So in the past more or less twenty years, this organization, invisible organization, that we call Universal Energy School, we have learned together, we have shared together all these – what we call – invisible connection, through this Divine Energy, the Energy of Love. We have reminded one another how we can rediscover humanity’s abilities which in the past we had: the ability to communicate as telepathy, teletransportation, the ability to know without any secular education how we are connected between one another.

This time on our Planet Earth there are a lot of changes. Unless you change yourself, you cannot be attuned to this energy, the energy that we cannot see, we cannot feel, we cannot touch, we cannot hear, we cannot smell, we cannot taste. But yet, it is here.

In this very particular place, here in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, if your heart and your brain are connected to become one, then you can feel. You feel this connection between your true self and your small self, between your unphysical vibration and your physical body. Unless we are in this energy, in this dimension, we cannot be connected to this energy here. So, welcome you to this new dimension of the energy.

So welcome you all to this DGM. We will meditate together in this very, very sacred spiral energy of the Pyramid of the Sun, in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. So together we will be connected.