We learn from the sun

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. We are in Shamballa. This part of the world is so beautiful. It’s morning here. The dawn has just started, the sun is rising, as every one of us can be the sun. The valley surrounded by mountains […] in the Province of Petchaburi, in Thailand.

We have been living here for the past six weeks. We live together, we share together, we work together, under the sun, under the rain; and every morning we meditate with the sun rising, we do exercises in front of this beautiful sun; learning to be the sun, the unconditional love.

So we have peaks, we have valleys, we have bamboos, we have water…every symbol of life on this Planet Earth. So the intention of building the Shamballa is for us to come together in this space and time, so that we can transcend space and time, we can transcend the borders between traditions, between religions, ideologies and many belief systems, to come together as One. This Oneness can be manifested in a family living together.

So, all of us here today, send you all our love, our compassion, and wishing that one day we can be together in this place. Every time when we come together, learning together, sharing and breathing the same air, eating the same food, we’re building up this New Humanity with no borders, with no judgement, with no condemnation, because in each one of us we have all the goodness, the truth, the beauty; but yet, we have all other negativities which we have accumulated over so many lifetimes, including this lifetime too, so we can be the lessons, the life lessons; it’s a school here, a school of life.

So, all together, in this moment of Daily Global Meditation, we are connected transcending the space and time, for us to become the energy; the energy of unconditional love, of compassion, of harmony, of unity.