We have all the comfortable lifestyles but we are suffering

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are welcoming you to this Daily Global Meditation from Houston, Texas, in the USA. We have come to another Divine Home. This place is another meeting point for many of us who have this intention to be in harmony, in unity, three as one, one as three, as the meaning of this Big Antenna.

We have the Earth on the ground, and then we have the Sky in the circle, and the new Humanity, new human beings who come out of this very old, insane, stressful, violent, with all hatred, all negative emotions in each one of us, as time has changing. This time is only a short period of time that we’re going to welcome the New Lunar Year. We’re going to finish the Year of the Dragon and it’s going to be the Year of the Snake. All of this astrology has been created in the East for thousands of years because we believe in it, because we used to have this ability to be connected to the Cosmos; and all this knowledge, the wisdom that our ancestors had, because they did not isolate themselves with the living creatures around them.

Now we live in a very highly advanced, very comfortable lifestyle, especially in the USA. We have all the comfortable lifestyles, all this material comfort that we have, but yet, we are suffering more, we are chasing more what we think that it will give us happiness. But at the end of the day, we find out, sooner or later, that all these possessions, all this material comfort that we have gathered, it’s not the absolute truth, it’s not what we have been searching for. We need a comfortable lifestyle, we need the means, as financial status, but they are just the means, they are not the truth.

So we have to realise that the truth, the absolute truth, is the life source in every one of us. You can call that God, you can call that the Buddha root, or you can call that the Christ consciousness, that is very close to us, it’s inside us. In our Universal Energy School, we call that Human Universal Energy.

And today, during these ten minutes of meditation, the Daily Global Meditation, we are connected to this Big Antenna in Houston, so I invite you all to send your love, your compassion to this part of the world. It’s a very special part of the USA with the history of Houston about petroleum, about NASA, about the internet; we have everything here.

So we will be connected for this New Era that we will change the mentality, the understanding about how we can find our bliss, our inner peace.