Water is a source of life

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today, we are connected with you all through this Daily Global Meditation from Argentina. In front of you is the Iguassu Falls. This side is from Argentina side. These falls belongs to two countries, Argentina and Brazil. And this morning, our Universal Energy family, we have visited the dam Itaipu.

We have learned that water is a source of life and we also know that water has a very sacred memory. It is a sacred medium that we can use to send out our thoughts, our energy, our intentions, and today, we’re sharing with you another character of water, very powerful. And we have used the power of water to make electricity, the power that we have used in our lifestyles at the moment.

So, depends how we use this source of life, water: we use it to create comfortability, we use it to share, we use it to send out the thoughts, the harmony, the love; or we use it to create power struggle – it’s up to us, but we cannot live without this source of life, water. We are made of water. As human beings more then 80% of our physical bodies are made of water, and we are very connected with water.

And in this part of the world, the rivers meeting at the T intersection, making, creating these falls. And we have learned that Nature is so wonderful, so generous, so miraculous.

We are surrounded, we are so small, compared to the wonders that we can see on this Mother Earth. How are we going to continue on looking after the Mother Earth is up to us. The water, this source of life, here in the forest, the wood, and this is the message from Iguassu, in Argentina.

We will begin with our meditation today, in this Daily Global Meditation, and learning the lesson of love, of sharing, because love is sharing – sharing the source of life, sharing everything that we have on this planet Earth. We have plenty, but how do we distribute, how do we share?

So, together, today, from Argentina, we are sending you all our love and compassion, learning the lesson of love, sharing.