The journey to paradise …. A journey of a lifetime

11 – 22 March 2019

The Hawaii islands are an archipelago of 7 major islands, built from volcanic lava in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. According to the ancient legends the 7 islands are considered to be the peaks of the 7 mountains of an ancient legendary continent, which had disappeared under the ocean thousands of years ago. It has covered all its secrets in the depths of the ocean, letting the legends to inspire the imagination of many generations and seekers. Some of the legends suggest that thousands of years ago the highest mountains on our Planet Earth were located where the Hawaii Islands today are. The mountains were so high that they touched the skies and the star people could enter our world through the top of these mountains. According to the legends this is how the beginning of life started on our planet in the beginning of time. It is believed that the seven sisters from a far away star system crossed the Universe to seed the life of light, love and goodness on Earth. Each sister climbed down the peak of a mountain and through the breath of God created life into the sacred waters of the ocean. This is how the “seven” got encoded into the life on Earth – seven planets, seven chakras, seven days, seven colors, seven notes in music, etc… The star people carried the fire-works from the Heavens to the Earth that caused volcanoes eruption and the creation of more land. The volcanic lava formed a land with green nature, crystal waters and starry skies. It is not a coincidence that nowadays the Hawaiian Islands are called the “RAINBOW STATE” of the USA. A new life of beauty and goodness was born on Earth. People lived in peace, harmony, joy and love. They loved their mother land and respected the creative power of the volcanoes, which created land. They admired the oceans, which seed life and worshiped the skies as their ancestor’s space.

This is how our small HUESA group was inspired to visit the Hawaiian Islands and experience this life in grace.

As soon as we landed in Kona (the Big Island) we felt in paradise through the colors of the nature, the vastness of the ocean, the greatness of the lava and the sounds of existence. This is the land where the flowers, the trees, the birds and the whales live in a perfect harmony. A strong spirit of life flows through this land creating its balance between the four elements of earth, water, fire and air. We were surrounded by the rainbow colors of Mother Earth, the water, the sky, the sun and the lava, which filled us with the sense of beauty and peace. The soil is exceptionally fertile being nurtured with a lot of minerals and nutrients from the volcanic lava. As a result unique colorful gigantic trees with big trunks and flourishing variety of vegetation appeared – with no equivalent on Earth. Life resonates in its beauty through every cell of existence. In this environment one can easily live in gratitude, appreciation and bliss. The loving energy of the Hawaiian spirit embraces you in its kindness, softness and gentleness. Through the whispers of the wind, the calling of the ocean and the light of the stars we listened to the story of creation. The wooden statues of the powerful Waikiki gods were facing the ocean to manifest the divine power (the mana) present on the islands to those who approach its shores. In 1779 Captain James Cook was the first to discover the island of Hawaii for the rest of the world, but he also lost his life there. Our group hiked a 4 km trail of history down to the shore of the Kealakekua Bay, where Captain Cook found his death on the 14th of February 1779. We experienced a burning sunny day down the steep lava slope to the shore. We understood that only through pure intent and respect this sacred land will welcome anyone who looks for a shelter. The Hawaiian people pass their culture and traditions from generation to generation through singing, dancing, rituals and initiations to teach humbleness, acceptance and respect to nature and life. The Hawaiian language resembles the whispers of the wind, the sound of the waves and the songs of the whales. It consists of only 12 letters – 6 vowels and 6 syllables; and expresses the love to nature and the compassion to all living creatures. The Hawaiian language consists of words of kindness, purity, gratitude and has a deep spiritual meaning, which resonates with their culture of honoring the Mother Earth, the Ocean and the Infinite Cosmos. We experienced the “ho’oponopono” attitude of gratefulness towards life and existence in every step there: “I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you”.

In the local language “HAWAI’I” means – the creation of the infinite life through the breath of God into the sacred waters. There are no written scripts, but the creation story has been passed from “mouth to ear” for many generations through singing, dancing, worshipping the Mother Earth and the Father Sky; cherishing the sacredness of the waters, which give life to all the living creatures and worshipping the power of the fire of the volcanoes, which creates new homes for the people.

“ALOHA” is the most common word in the Hawaiian language when people meet and greet each other for “hello” or “good-bye”. It means “the Breath from the Center of the Galaxy”. Aloha is a spirit of grace and a state of consciousness from which you act or look at things.  

“MAHALO” – means “Thank you”, the gratitude for being alive and is a way of living. In Hawaii everyone is in a “MAHALO” state to gives way to others and to appreciate others.

“WAIKIKI” – are the gods of the water.

The Hawaiian people never say “good-bye”, but they say “until I see you next time” – “A HUI HOU”.

In the 14th century the Hawaiian Islands were inhabited by the Polynesian people who followed the birds in the ocean in their quest for more land. Though the Polynesian culture is different from the culture of the indigenous Hawaiian people, the newcomers inherited the sense of beauty towards nature and goodness towards all living creatures. The Hawaiian dance and music embraces you with softness and offers its gentle welcome and hospitality. The feeling of being home prevails everywhere on the Hawaii.   

The sky there looks so close and you feel as if you can catch the stars. A beautiful starry night performance enlightens the sky. It is a star-gate into new dimensions to search for the star parents. The Big Island is the home of one of the biggest astronomical observatory in the world, to observe and search for new stars and galaxies.

Our HUESA group visited the most active volcano on the Big Island. We witnessed the constant steam coming out of the crater forming thick clouds above the volcano. The breath of the Goddess Pele, the deity of the volcano, reminds about her power. The local people belief, that only through the mercy of the Goddess Pele one can live or visit the Hawaiian Islands.  The Goddess Pele has formed spectacular landscape scenery all over the place through the lava. The structure of every piece of land on the islands – the rocks, the stones and even the soil, are formed by pure lava. The lava shore is the home of the famous Hawaiian green turtles, which lay their eggs in the small lava pools.

The island of Maui is so beautiful with its white, red and black sandy beaches and gorgeous mountains. After yoga, early in the morning our tour started with a visit to the Haleakala volcano, driving up through a serpent road to the top. The curving road opened many breathtaking views of blue sky, vast ocean, high volcanic mountains and spectacular nature.  

We also visited the Iao Needle State Park, nestled in the lush greenery of the Iao Valley. The ‘Iao Needle’, which is believed to be a natural rock formation, has been inspiring the local people with its sacredness. Cô Theresa initiated all of us in the sacred waters of the Valley River and some of us jumped into its cold waters to feel its purifying power.

We ended our tour in the Oahu Island, which is one of the oldest among the 7 Hawaiian Islands. It has the traditional sand beaches, as there is no more volcano activity there and the lava had eroded into beautiful sand beaches. Honolulu is not only the capital of Hawaii, but the place of rainbows, sand beaches with giant waves, Jurassic Park forests and spiritual vortals. Our HUESA group hiked to the rim of the extinct volcano “Diamond Head” with the breathtaking view towards the Honolulu Bay and our hearts were filled with beauty and respect to the energy of our Mother Gaia.  

We paid our respected to the historical Pearl Harbor Bay. We visited the Monument Park in remembrance of more than 2300 soldiers, who died into the ocean after a devastating military air attack. Many of the battleships of the USA marina had been destroyed and sank into the ocean. Our group visited the famous battleship Missouri, where the peace treatment for ending the World War II was signed. We paid our respect to all soldiers, to all men and women who lost their lives for mankind’s peace, love and enlightenment.

A journey ended, but the spirit of the beauty, the goodness and the truth deep in our hearts will remain to inspire us with the belief that it is the Paradise on Earth as we have experienced it in Hawaii. We feel so deep gratefulness to our Cô Theresa who has been inspired to bring us there to experience the “ho’oponopono” attitude towards life, to be appreciative to existence and to live in grace. In this lively environment Cô Theresa used every opportunity to guide us and to teach us to know ourselves and live in gratitude and appreciation. The journey to Hawaii was a true application of being aware, awakened and alive. It was a journey of a lifetime where all of us enjoyed the journey without looking for any final destination. Each one of us experienced the lesson of Level 17 to “know thyself”. To understand and know yourself is the most important thing in life. All else will follow without an effort.

“ALOHA” Hawaii;

“MAHALO” Hawaii;