Appreciate what you have and what you are given

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are welcoming you to be connected to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, in the U.S.A., one of the beautiful wonders on our Planet Earth. Our nature could give us so much but we rarely appreciate what we have and what we are given.

We are reminding one another to remember who we are – we are Human Beings, we are not Human Doers – we have done too much, we are doing and we do, we do, we do… too much. If we stop and be our true selves and if we appreciate the Mother Earth, if we appreciate Nature and live in grace every minute of our life on Earth, then we will be able to save our planet Earth.

Now it is up to our Mother Earth to support the lives on Earth and to make this big transformation in this time, in this vertical time. Time is very relative. One day, it could be equal a century. One minute, it could be equal a year. So, we need to turn inward and stop going outside to search for the happiness that we have been searching outside.

The eternal inner joy, the joy of our true selves, the joy of this invisible energy will support us; it will give us the new perception, … if we are connected with the energy of our Mother Earth, of the sky, of all living beings on this planet Earth. We are One, we come from one source and if we understand this, if we make a vow today, this time, that we will see ourselves as brothers – I am you, you are me, we are you, you are us – so we will transcend all these difficulties.

We are living in these contrasts so that we know what we really, really, really want and what we do not want.