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Season greetings from Cô Theresa

This Holiday season I would like to thank you all for being part of HUESA, this worldwide community of people who care about growing and contributing to the lives of others. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for doing your own inner work to stay calm, humble, patient, grounded and well-equipped, well-resourced. Many of you have been shining as a beacon of human potentiality...


Feel the Energy

Welcome to our Daily Global Meditation. Today we are welcoming you all to this Complex of the Pyramids in Bosnia. We are in the tunnel. This is an extensive underground tunnel leading to the Pyramid of the Sun. This part of the tunnel is very, very sacred. We are meditating around this big mass of ceramic sculpture; it’s about eight tons in weight, and we have been told that this has been here for many thousand of years and it was created by a very special civilization as a energy generating machine....