Balance Body & Mind

Use your energy calculator wisely to know what is giving you energy and what is taking your energy away.

Healthy Daily Life

Achieving total wellness by learning ways to live consciously and with self-discipline.

Personal Evolution

Your energy compass will bring you where you are needed to contribute and to serve to be a better version of yourself.

Community Focus

As we progress on our spiritual quest, we are inspired to bring more values to a larger community.

The Virtue LONG HOA Meeting - The sacred circle of Light Beings.

Dear HUESA family,

To accelerate the development of HUESA students in this special time of the Planet Earth, Co Theresa has decided to organize fast-track upgrading webinar for the students from level 3 during the Virtue Long Hoa festival. After this webinar, the students of level 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be upgraded to level 7. Therefore, it is to announce that the Virtual Long Hoa festival is moved from 26-29 November to 19-22 December 2020.

Details of the webinar are as follows:

1. The Virtue LONG HOA Meeting - The sacred circle of Light Beings.
Date: 19-22 December 2020 (Time: to be announced.)
2. Eligibility: HUESA students from Level 3 and above
3. Students of Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be upgraded to level 7.
4. Tentative schedule:
- Webinar: 19-21 December 2020
- Long Hoa Festival: 22 December 2020.
5. Closing date for registration: 24:00 AEST on 30 November 2020 – Brisbane time.
6. Technical Tests: Scheduled from 5-19 December 2020 (Time: to be announced)

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HUESA Sanctuary

Welcome to HUESA SANCTUARY @ WOLLUMBIN located in the heart of the Tweed Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

We are happy to announce that some of upcoming Webinars and Virtual Retreats will be broadcasted from HUESA SANCTUARY.


Cô’s Message on the Mother's Day

On Sunday 10th May,

Mother's Day arrives as a beautiful tradition in many parts of the world . This time we are all in a very different place, space and consciousness .

Although with the global pause, reset, we see the gift of spending more time with our mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, many are struggling in stress induced survival mode.

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Mission Statement

The HUESA method aims at achieving total wellness through the application of the universal energy for self-discipline, self-awareness and the realization of the basic human goodness for the benefit of all living creatures.


HUESA is About People

HUESA is a worldwide community with an aim for continual self development and thus contributing positively to other people's lives.

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Mount Warning, Australia - 01/2020 - 03/2020


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Thousands of students from all around the world join our events every year. Come and join us to explore yourself.

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