Stories from Shambala

This is another day in Shambala for our small group. We have people from different countries like Vietnam, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Bulgaria and Thailand. Many of our international friends are not physically here, but they present with their love, energy and good intention.

Today is a very fresh morning in Shambala. We just finished our morning HUESA Yoga and breathing exercises and prepare for the new day. Every morning we climb the hill to the Big Pyramid, do our exercise watching the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful 360 degree view of our Shambala settlement.

Once upon a time there was this Big Bottomless Rubbish Kingdom with its General Waste the Great, ruling the kingdom under an authoritarian and terroristic regime. All rubbish population in the Kingdom was living in horror in a small rubbish bin, where every day more and more rubbish people were thrown to live in this prison.

We all remember the fairy tale ‘The Princess and the Frog’ from our childhood. There are many situations in our life that remind us the story when the Frog became the Prince. But we never expect this to happen in real life. Yet, it happened in Shambala. It is the rainy season in Shambala and there are scheduled showers every afternoon. However, this day it rained really heavy.

We live in this three dimensional world and we still very much depend on our 5 senses. We want to see and to hear and to touch in order to believe that what we do is right and to increase our faith in Universal Energy and the invisible dimensions. God is always knocking on our door, but we are busy to open the door for him to enter.

The Shambala human being is not a stranger. He or She does not wear a special uniform or a symbol, does not have a special diploma or name, or anything else special or outstanding. The Shambala human being emerges from inside every one of us. He or She is the true-self that is ready to blossom when the mind gives way to the heart and the heart opens for love and compassion.

In Shambala every one is special - we have Michelangelos, Picassos, Mozarts, Einsteins, and many other visible and invisible scientists and artists. We have many gods manifested through human bodies in physical forms. Everyone is contributing for Shambala in a unique way- visibly and invisibly, inside and outside. Everyone has already created so many masterpieces.

It is Sunday - a day off in Shambala. We are all off to the hot spring, which is very close to our Shambala. The place is very busy, as local people as well as tourists come for its healing power. For some people this is the first visit to the hot spring. The temperature of the water is above 45 degrees and it is evaporating. There are small clouds above the surface of the water.

The Frog from the 4th Story, is still a frog and as such continued its life journey in seek for happiness and love. Since this frog has the life style of a ‘modern gypsy’, it jumped from pond to pond until it reached the big ocean. 'Wow' it said and almost reached enlightenment.

Episode 1