Fundamental Level

At Fundamental Level (also known as Level I) you will learn that the primary objective of the HUESA method is to help anyone reach and maintain a balanced state of body, mind and soul. Drawing on energy transfer and meditation techniques, it takes a holistic approach to human health, happiness and spiritual development.

You will learn that Universal Energy is a vital force that stimulates cell growth and sustains all forms of life. It can be found everywhere in nature. Indeed, all living creatures need Universal Energy to maintain their vital functions. A lack or an imbalance of vital life-energy in our body may lead to stress-related problems or discomfort. However, by tapping into Universal Energy we can go beyond mere manifestations to arrive at the root of the problem.
Universal Energy works throughout the body’s organs and cells. When Universal Energy circulates within our body, we call it Human Energy. Its flow helps our energy system to regain its natural balance, thus improving our health in a holistic manner, in a state of harmony between body, mind and soul.

At Fundamental Level a certified instructor will activate your chakras (wheel or circle in Sanskrit): the energy centers in our body. By activating the chakras you can receive Universal Energy into your body or transfer it to another person. This is the highlight of this level.

The activation of the chakras helps to reset our energy balance and foster our spiritual development, by leading us gradually to a higher level of consciousness, enabling us to distinguish what is false and transient from what lasts forever. We may come to see that the matter surrounding us is actually a form of slow-vibration energy, that everything in the Universe is connected, and that all separation is therefore an illusion.

At this level you learn how Universal Energy can be transferred to alleviate suffering through a spirit of charity and love.

In addition you will learn a simple, but effective meditation technique and a special breathing technique.

As you progress in our seminars, you learn how to gain a more positive way of viewing things, to rethink your priorities in life and your relationships with other people. Through this method you can gradually open yourself to be filled with a love and compassion for life and well-being; by dwelling less on what is unworthy, petty and selfish, you can turn instead to what is essential, thus experiencing peace, joy and happiness deep within yourself.

Each of us should strive to apply the HUESA techniques and teachings to our daily life, for ourselves, our family, and the people around us, ultimately embracing all humankind.