The HUESA method teaches an easy, but effective meditation technique that can help us find inner peace, the Zero State of mind, where peace replaces all thoughts and emotions. This meditation helps us turn our mind inward for contemplation and relaxation. As we practice it, we gradually learn to live in an awakened state.

Some benefits of this meditation:

  • Lead to a deeper level of relaxation reducing stress;
  • Improve our concentration; 
  • Allow ourselves some time to introspect, to “switch off” from the material world around us, strengthening our spiritual dimension.   

“There’s growing evidence that meditation can help reduce pain and a number of conditions. In fact, meditation can increase focus and attention, improving performance on cognitive tasks. For instance, in some scientific experiments persons who meditated regularly were able to perform certain tasks more easily, such as identifying numbers and letters. Usually brain cells fire at different times. But during meditation the brain cells fire in synchrony. Expert meditators show spikes of brain activity in the left prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain that has generally been associated with positive emotions. And those who had the most activity in this area during meditation also had big boosts in immune system functioning.” (from Scientific American Mind Magazine, December 2010)