11 Years of Master and Cô Celebration - 12th of August 2018

12/Aug 07:00
Sunday, 12 August, 2018 - 07:00
San Marino

This is the greatest pleasure to announce that on the 12th of August 2018 our HUESA family world-wide will celebrate through video conference (VC) with connections worldwide “THE 11th ANNIVERSARY” of our beloved Master Dang’s luminous body ascension into the highest dimension of light. We will also celebrate the 11 years journey of HUESA under the spiritual guidance and the endless unconditional love of our Cô Theresa.

“11” is the “master number” – when the disciple meets his Master to become one. “11” is the symbol of the greatest unification – when the space meets mother Earth – when the human being meets God; when the human being and the infinite become one.The ascended masters are sending the message to awaken and reactivate our inner master, our true self; our quantum brain and our quantum heart. We are passing through an opportunity portal where everything is possible. We need trust in ourselves; trust in this universal energy to create the Paradise on Earth.

HUESA students from all levels are invited to attend this 11 years “Master and Cô” celebration. For more information please contact your local centre,