Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind. Youth is a period of timelessness when the time of age seems too distant to be noticed. Life is short, but youth is infinite and in this infinity opportunities are endless. In HUESA we call ‘YOUTH’ everyone who is young at heart. However, recently we have created a group of young people, who are really willing and devoted to contribute to change the world by changing first themselves. HUESA Youth comes from different countries, but they all speak the language of love, unity, harmony and peace. They share the same idea of creating the new humanity with new mentality and new concepts about life, love and compassion and have the intention to create real peace, harmony and  love on this planet Earth. The HUESA Youth enjoy being together, make new friends and find new adventures and perspectives of life. They learn from each other’s experiences by sharing their true stories, their first steps in life and love, in relationships, their doubts and concerns, their joy, happiness and laughter. The Youth is looking for new solutions, new directions to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

In the last two years HUESA has been focusing towards the wellbeing of the younger generations. The idea about the establishment of the HUESA Youth has spread all over the world to bring youngsters together and offer them a new path and new solutions how to live and build a better life. Now the Youth is taking their present and their future into their own hands. They organize global meetings via video connections and discuss the topics that are of interest to them. Also with the dedicated help and support of our HUESA Leader and Spiritual Master – Cô Theresa, HUESA is organizing Youth Camps every year for young people to meet in person and put a name to the face and know each other better. The Youth Camps take place in HUESA Shambala Wellness Resort in Phetchaburi, Thailand. Since June 2013 HUESA had organized 4 Youth Camps. Though the focus is on young people the camps are wide open for all generations – from just born to above 70 years old, as some scientists say: ‘Forty is the old age of youth; fifty – the youth of old age’. During Youth Camps everybody is equally happy – living together, working together and sharing together during fieldwork or in the time of indoors sessions and workshops under the guidance of Cô Theresa. In the future HUESA will continue to organize Youth Camps in Shambala Thailand. HUESA is also planning to expand its activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where recently it established its presence. If you are interested in the HUESA Youth organisation, stay tuned and connected for more news.

If you want to share your ideas or to contribute in some way to HUESA Youth contact us at: